In this article we are going to share about page experience importance. Well you may have already heard about page experience? Recently google have introduced page experience as a major SEO Ranking Factor apart from existing ranking factors.

This is going to impact your SERP results so you must need to have better idea about page experience so you can tune your website for better page experience to avoid any suddent drop of website traffic and loosing your rankings and money as all are related strongly to each other.

Lets Fast track your Page Experience.You need to understand why page experience is important for better SERP results for your website . So let’s explore understanding from what is page experience? then we will see why page experience is important?


I guess you may have fair idea about page experience but you can understand Page experience is a set of signals that assesses how users feel about the experience of engaging with a web page beyond its information value.

Page Experience offers a collection of measures for measuring real-world user experience in terms of page loading speed, interaction, and visual stability. Existing Search indications like as mobile friendliness, use of HTTPS, and invasive interstitial guidelines are also included.

It means page experience overall is collection of hundreds of signals that Google considers when generating Search results.

“While page experience is crucial, Google still prioritizes pages with the most relevant information with no compromise on it at all, even if the page experience is poor.”

“The importance of having outstanding page content does not outweigh the importance of having great page experience.”

Page experience, on the other hand, can be considerably more significant for Search visibility in circumstances where there are several pages that are similar in relevancy.

You can easily find Page Experience in your google search console under experience tab. See Reference snip.


According to a report by Google, page experience drives 20 percent of total revenue for an average online store. So, webmasters are highly focused on making their websites attractive and engaging enough to gain maximum customer interest.

However, how is this measured? Google has a set of guidelines for measuring page experience. It also says that the measurement should not be proprietary or personalized to any individual.

In fact, Google also says that user experience assessment should be free of personalization and targeted advertising.

Moreover, it should be comprehensive and consistent across many pages. However, assessing user experience is not a simple task. There are many important factors that go into making a good web page.


Google have introduced Page Experience Measurement in Google Search Console.You can see the page experience of your website in GSC.Please refer to below snip from GSC just for reference.You need to target 100% page experience for best SERP results for your website.



That`s it about Fast -Track Your PAGE EXPERIENCE.So we have seen what is page experience and what are the importance of page experience as everyone knows very well google ranks pages only not websites.So consider page experience as top priority even though it is collection of measures to stay on top of serp.


A meaningful experience across the entire user experience design process, of the entire digital experience, will eventually lead to positive user growth. The cost for unnecessary mistakes in design is way too high. It can be addressed by design experts who understand the problems in an efficient and collaborative way.


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