Google Search Console New Features Launched For News Publishers

Google Search Console New Feature for News Publishers

Google Launched A New Feature in Google Search Console For News Publishers

The good news started coming on the way at the start of 2021. We have many many vaccines ready to leave covid behind globally and we are in the process of giving vaccines at mass level to covid warriors approximately 300 thousand next week. Another good news from Google itself is related to news publishers. Google has launched a new feature in Google Search Console For News Publishers.

All good news indicates that 2021 will be a landmark in terms of recovery year. 2021 is going to make a mark even after facing ever seen crisis. Absolutely good for humanity across the world and give the proper answer to the pandemic that it can not be larger than life.

Today Google has launched new features in Google Search Console to help News Publishers.GSC will have performance reporting of google news based on three sources Android, iOS &

News Publishers will be able to access the performance report via Google Search Console as they will get a new link with the name Google News in the left navigations under the performance section.

Google News Performance Tracking in GSC

Improve Google News Performance With The Publisher Center

This report will include metrics like impressions, clicks, and CTR. News Publishers will get answers to their below queries.

  1. The number of times their articles appeared to users in Google News?
  2. Which were top performed articles?
  3. User behavior variation across countries?

Earlier above-mentioned points were a mystery for news publishers as they were not able to segregate these data for their analysis and not able to focus their strategies. With the new set of data, they will be able to make well-informed decisions and make a good strategy for their publications.

That is really good news for news publishers and a really good enhancement made by google to Google Search Console. This is really going to help news publishers to improve google news performance with the publisher center.

This report is now active in Search Console for any site that appears in Google News. If you do not see this report for your site it likely means your articles do not frequently appear in Google News.

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