How to Build an SEO Strategy That Actually Works

How to Build an SEO Strategy That Actually Works

To increase websites’ ranking most of us target to build organic traffic and expect visitors engagement, sharing and return of visitors frequently. You can find the ultimate guide for SEO in 2021.

Research For Your Topic

After you are clear with your topics, use keyword research tools to see the current competition and competitor keywords. Then try to find ways to improve your content, different variations, and keywords to gain more traffic and rank your website.

For instance, if you are focusing on a particular niche you can create two different headlines or descriptions, using a couple of keywords to attract traffic to your website. And then you can use these two headlines as the keywords.

How to Build an SEO Strategy That Actually Works

Effective Traffic Targeting As you are already done with research of your content and keywords you want to appear on top, you can go to Google and Google Trends to find traffic-focused keywords. Then you can create landing pages for these keywords or topics.

Keyword Research

There’s a large number of research tools that can help you to know more about a keyword’s position on the search engine and discover about a user’s search intent. You can utilize keyword research tools to monitor your keyword’s rank on the search engine and to know more about your traffic and conversion rate.

Keyword Research Tools SEMScoop or Best SEO Tools like Semrush (Replace All tools with One Solution)  analyzes your content in terms of how well it is trending on search engines. It also suggests best-ranked keywords promote your content. Google Keyword Planner Google provides keyword suggestions and related keywords to understand the intent of your search query.

Search Metrics Use Search Metrics to monitor search traffic and to find out how well your website is doing.

How to Build an SEO Strategy That Actually Works

Create a Content Plan

Instead of following a set of keywords, create a plan about the type of content you want to generate. Not all of them will be effective but you can use the most relevant and the main topics.

Create a Target Keyword List To get the most out of your campaign, check out the most popular keywords and see what kind of content they have the highest share on the SERP. Try to use common words and phrases to build related content or add your own content.

Create a Summary of Keywords There are other ways of discovering new keywords besides keyword research. One is to find common words that customers are using to search for your website. Creating an understanding of keywords you are interested in is crucial to create content that people will actually search for.

Optimize Your Content

Nowadays, a lot of bloggers/business owners expect great SEO results for organic content. However, if you are not ranked on the first page of Google, you are missing your target. And although I still argue a lot on whether the “Search engine results pages” (SERPs) are relevant, the truth is these SERPs are still heavily used by visitors to know about your services.

How to Build an SEO Strategy That Actually Works

So you might be a nice service provider, but without optimization and high-quality content, your website will not be found on the first page of SERP or even better. There are lots of tools that you can use to optimize your content.

SEO tools are a must for any business in order to increase the website visibility on the SERPs. It’s the best solution when you don’t know the way to improve your website.

Build an Audience

To boost the visibility of your website you can directly build an audience. But, an audience you can never build if you don’t have any website of your own. To build an audience in these days of search engine algorithms and web crawl technologies, all you need to do is content creation.

By content creation, you can build a collection of existing or new followers of your blog. Create content according to their needs, build a trend, and information sharing.

So your viewers will like to return to your website and share the content with their friends and followers. So, content is the key to driving organic traffic from search engines.

How to Build an SEO Strategy That Actually Works


SEO is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world that is predicted to grow by 25% during 2016-2017 and reach over $39 billion by 2022.

We discussed some of the key trends that we would have seen in the keyword research phase that we wouldn’t have seen if it weren’t for the development of the SEO techniques and resources over the years.

Hopefully, these trends will keep SEOs and website owners on their toes and will help us focus our efforts on the actual things that have the most value for our clients and us.

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