What Is The Future of SEO Content Writing?

Are you a content writer? Are you worried about the future of content writing ? Want to know what is the future of SEO content writing?

Content has been always the King and it will be. Quality Content writing have been always focus area for Search Engines and it will be so as content writing.

We are in content writing and SEO over 5 years now and if we have to make a statement we will say “SEO content writing have great future ahead”.

As google is used to do many changes in there algorithm with one and only one objectives to provide content what exactly user is looking.

Think in general you yourself is searching to know anything which you do not have deep knowledge about and want to have better understanding about that topic in such case what exactly you will prefer. While being even content writer you are still a google search user.

What is Content Writing?

Content Writing is the term which refers to writing content for publication purposes and is usually included in the domain name of the person who writes. This usually includes authorship of text based documents and applications such as academic writing, press releases, web content, and multimedia storytelling.

The term, “content” is ambiguous as it contains not only information, but also can be visual content such as images, video, audio and software.Usually content is perceived as information rather than text, which describes the data content it contains, i.e., a database of facts.

Because of the increasing demand for websites, webmasters and marketers need to produce more relevant and quality content for their websites. But they are faced with shortage of skilled writers.So content is the key part for SEO and Content Writing is long lasting activities is supposed to have very long life as ultimately knowledge is always having power and it will survive long.

Any SEO is not possible without good content. SEO will always focus on quality of content. Content may be bad or good based on content writers. SEO Content writing will remain live until SEO itself.

Importance of Content Writing

Just Imagine, if every text you wrote never came up on Google search, how will it ever be useful for you or your client?

If you wrote only one text it would be useless, but if you write lots of content, it will help you and your client. Because, Search engines rank content first and then quality second.That is why they believe in quality content more than anything else.

These are few of the reasons why SEO Content writing will be the biggest part of any SEO campaign .Your Content Strategy must include Social Media.

Social Media has given content marketing a new dimension. Search engines not only ignore text, they consider every social media post and their shares. Content strategy must be developed around what you want to achieve and in how you want it to be shared. 

How SEO Content Writing Evolved

SEO content writing changed drastically in the past three years. The list can be divided into two big waves.

First WaveContent Gatekeepers

In first wave, Content Gatekeepers were the people who are creating the content and the content writers who were designing the content.

 Second Wave – Long Tail Content Writing

 In second wave, the content was divided into long tail. It means, that the long tail was with more than 100% of the search volumes. It happened by an update to Google algorithm.

Search Engine Optimization Technique survived so long and it have become standard no more black magic kind anymore. Digital marketing have become reality and taken place in everyone heart and it became mandatory part of everyone life now.

Digital Marketing have grown exponentially due to current pandemic scenarios and many vendors especially medical sector, food chains, grocery stores and even street vendors is leveraging digital marketing benefits.

Pandemic have evolved online marketing. Work from home have become new normal. For example which organization I am currently working over decade have never allowed a single day work from home but now since more than 16 months now I have never visited office.

Time have evolved and technology at its extreme and leveraging to each life style as much as possible .Businesses have to adopt as per changing market in such condition SEO is going to evolve as well.

SEO content writing keeps evolving as per market trends so as search engines. Since Google has emerged as a leader which is expected to be and who else better knows than Google.

Google have been always on top of it as this is their core they will continue to evolve as usual to provide best content and best UI to their searchers. There is no alternative to best content which will ensure the future of SEO Content Writing.

Future of SEO Content Writing

According to various recent studies and statistics, the amount of text that search engines can understand is increasing and the time it takes for search engines to fully process the content has dropped.

In the coming years, Google has predicted that the amount of text that a search engine can understand will get a lot bigger. This will ultimately create a lot of opportunities for SEO content writers.

In 2018, the challenges in creating and maintaining an SEO content site has never been a great deal higher. Search engines are constantly improving in the way they index content, in turn they will be searching a lot faster.

For content creators that know how to use SEO best practices, it is likely that their content will continue to attract traffic.

Quality Content Remains as Priority

Content Writing is what generates a high ranking for a website in Google search results. In order to make quality content is the major part to climb higher in Google’s search engine results page. Content writing for SEO is not just writing but it is an Art. Quality content will remains a priority.

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Chatbots

Technology is always making itself to smarter and smarter, people are making themselves to catch up. Expect to see some kinds of SEO Content Writing which might not resemble human readable content. Expect to see artificial intelligence algorithms writing content that responds to queries.

AI bots can automate human looking content writing which brings a bot in the writing process, which also ties back to Chatbots Futuristic Content, AI and Conversational Content Content authors, content writers will need to write their content in a conversational way.

If a person is interacting with your content through texts or Chatbots your content is not just about writing. More than writing it’s about the writing, the kind of flow of your content, the way it’s written.

Currently Google is using Artificial Intelligent so as SEO content industry have also evolved and started using Artificial Intelligence. SEO content writing is a time consuming process and over whelming tasks for content writers.

Also finding content idea is also pain area of content writers so there are many artificial intelligence based content writing and content idea generators tools are already famous.

All these tools leverage already present contents in google and using some defined logic they provide better content ideas as well as contents also using synonyms to ensure there is no content duplication to stay safe in terms of plagiarism free content which is one of the core concepts with in SEO.

It is matter of debate about the quality of contents generated by these AI based content writing tools as compared to any expert content writer who have excellent knowledge in specific area because up to some extent  they just focus to eliminate plagiarism and just scrapping already present content.

For example if any SEO experts who is working on SEO say from last ten years now he knows each pros and cons about SEO he will be able to produce great content. These tools have applied logic which ever presented based on researches and may be on the basis of recent data and try to eliminate plagiarism using synonyms.

These AI based Content Writing Tools is helpful to reduce time and effort needed to produce great content with applied human intelligence. So these tools are good companion as there are many provisions already designed can help producing content frequently with less time and effort.

AI based content writing tools is time and effort saving tools to create content efficiently and ease the work of content writers while maintaining all other SEO factors taken care by them and needs less resource for your content creation strategy as a content creator.

To make content creation easy and less time and effort consuming it is advised to use these AI based content idea generations tools and for content creation as well. All knows the value of time .Time is so precious .Time is money. Time saved can be used in marketing strategy to grow your online business by addressing other stuff for your business or organization.

Mobile-First Designs

To make every single interaction with search engines seamless, many of the Search Engine Algorithm are changing to Mobile-First Unstructured data, no keywords finally.

Keyword is being extracted from every single aspect of life and search engines are attaching it to raw content. That means we don’t need any information to index our content and get discovered as long as we write it in an engaging way.

Use Only Efficient Annotation Online documentation content is to be used only for Documentation in order to give access to consumers.This makes you decide whether to use structured or unstructured data. This depends on how each industry uses and the information that is already provided by that industry.


World is moving towards the more SEO-friendly World. With Smartphones, digital marketing has already transformed to advance.SEO has adapted to it and done well. Most popular search engines have their own native apps. With the growth of Smartphone, we are moving towards a Self-Appropriate Search which gives us an easy Search with the help of Search Engines.

The Self-Appropriate Search is an evolution of Search Engine Optimization. The increasing focus on the Self-Appropriate Search will make Search Engine Optimization the important part in the future. We are moving to a Smart World. By Self-Appropriate Search we are not targeting a specific store, the store owner, or competitor, but giving the option for anyone to select what they want. This will also give those options and choices.

With evolved SEO standards practitioners required to work efficiently and learn how to cope up with new techniques.Expert SEO writers need to know how to provide optimized content with competitor research and users behavior that`s how UI/UX, relevancy, content quality will be the key focus. Jobs for SEO content writers is getting demanding requires knowledge update in technology where AI based SEO Writing Tools tools like Writesonic will be really good companion for SEO Content Writers to beat the technology advancement. There are other AI based Content writing tools like WordAI.


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