How To Optimize Your Shop Listings for Search

Etsy is the right place to sell your unique and creative products.In this article we are going to discuss how to optimize your shop listing for search.Etsy is filled with many amazing products offers for sale.Etsy will be always very competitive even you are selling handmade crafts or even rare vintage items.

So what is the way to optimize the visibility of your products to make it stand out product and get noticed?

Recent days history made digitalization an essential requirement so like any other online business or online shops like Amazon, Flipkart all needs a really good SEO Stretigy to stand out and get notices.And Etsy shops are not exception to it  like every other online business must need SEO to be successful and get noticed. In fact, SEO for Etsy shops is mandatory like SEO for any other website over internet.

If you are looking to boost your Esty shops visibility please refer some tips and tricks that can help as per our best understanding.

How Does Etsy Decide Rankings?

If you have plan to improve your Etsy shop’s SEO, you need to first understand how does Etsy decide rankings? and which listings gets shown first to buyers.

Etsy SEO Ranking Factors

Once Etsy finds that listings match a buyer’s search, then they look at a few various factors to determine how the listings should be ranked. Those etsy seo ranking factors is as below.

  • Recency
  • Relevancy
  • Listing Quality Score
  • Customer Experience Score
  • Shipping Price
  • Market Experience Score
  • Translations and Languages
  • Shoppers’ Habits.

Shoppers’ habits is a very important factor to keep in mind when optimizing your Etsy shop. While you can improve how highly your listings rank, they won’t earn the same position for each user.This is because Etsy tailors its search results for each user to match their past behaviors.

Even if you can’t maintain a certain ranking across the board, you still want to do everything you can to be the best option for buyers.

Accurate Keywords Are The Key

You have to be very creative to obtain attractions .Many Esty sellers are extremely creative, and they apply their creativity in their Etsy shop listings and rank higer and get tractions.

If you sell any original work try to make them brand by naming with relevent and katchy name which are absolutely easy to remember and reach goal to make your brand as keyword for users to search.This is kind of long stretigy. 

Etsy shops is absolutely same as any other online store in that your keywords should reflect what buyers are actually searching for.It is always recommended to use keywords by understanding buyers intent.

For eample even if you have creative listing and best which have no relevence with products is not going to be helpful at all.

Provide as much as detail you can . You can use long-tail keywords on Etsy same as you use on your website which clearly display what it is exactly that you’re offering for sale.

This will help you find more buyers who are close to making a purchase. These buyers know exactly what they’re looking for, so their searches tend to be more specific.

Avoid Repeating The Same Keywords

When you’ve found a keyword that is suitable for some of your products you might think to use that keywords many times which is not an good idea.Multiple use of keywords which does not looks relevent and natural demand to use keyword is spammy and part of black head SEO technique to gain unfair advantage .Keyword stuffing may lead to penalisation by search engine as their algorythm is reached to advanced level leveraged by AI.

ETsy logic will only show your listing only few times. It does not matter how great your shop is or how many optimizations you’ve done.Which means if you’re using the same keywords for multiple listings neither of them displayed to buyer’s search results at all.

Even if you have a lot of similar listings in your shop, always try to use slightly different keywords for each shop item and avoid repeating the same keywords  .

Don’t Forget About Tags

You need to be smart enough to take full advantage of the tags available on your listing. Tag is another method of telling Etsy what exactly it is that you’re selling.vEtsy allows you to use13 tags for each individual product listings.You must use 13 different keyword phrases that describe your listing really well and it stands out.

Tags are a great way of going after as many different keywords as you can, so long as they’re relevant. Find as many keyword phrases as you can that are applicable to your listing.

Keep Your Shop Sections Optimized

To keep your store organized keep Shop sections on Etsy.You can use categorization into your listings into sections that contain similar products to have them grouped together. This will be easier for potential buyers to navigate your shop and find what they’re looking for.

Organization is a great enough reason on its own to utilize shop sections, but it’s also an important part of Etsy SEO. Like tags, sections are another chance to include keywords in your shop.

To make the most of using shop sections, you need to be smart about the keywords selection and best use of them. Use keywords you want to rank for.Provide a very good description of the category to make it easier for sellers to browse.

SEO for Etsy shops goes even beyond except listing in your shop. Peoples reference and link to your shop are the really important aspects which creates impacts like mouth publicity.How reference matters is, if People see that others are talking about your shop, which is a great way of bringing in more visitors or prospective customers.

Get links to your listing using various methods including promotions,backlinks, referals is the key.Audience normally do not reach you directly untill unless your shop have already got too much name they reach to your shop from various resources.

To get more backlinks for your shop, focus on many aspects including promotions, website, social media, forums , quora and all other possible media via which you can divert buers to your shop. 

Being always active and visible online helps more people find out about your business and gives you more chances to get people to link back to your store and listings.

Extend Free Shipping Offer

Etsy sellers have the option to cover the cost of shipping for their listings or have the buyer pay it.Since covering shipping costs is only optional, some sellers might choose to just have the buyers for it like they would on most ecommerce websites.

However, offering free shipping for your customers is a great way of getting more people to see your listings.Of course, everyone likes getting free shipping, so this could encourage more people to buy from you. But there’s an added bonus when you do this on Etsy.

Sellers who offer free shipping to buyers on Etsy get priority over those who don’t in search because they’re seen as a better option with more value for buyers.If paying for shipping is financially possible for you, this is something to consider.


SEO is mandatory for any Etsy shop to get their listings noticed by more buyers. SEO is time takes process to get organic results so be patient .If you don’t see any changes immidiately do not rush for it .It doesn’t mean you have done anything wrong.It can take a while to kick in, but once your listings start getting more attention from buyers, you’ll see that the work was worth it.


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