5 Best Free Keyword Generator Tools to find Long Tail Keyword for your micro-niche projects

Are you planning to make your online presence either in Blogging or you have the plan to start your niche website or maybe if you are looking to start your niche-based amazon affiliate website?

You must be aware of at least have a fair idea of how much competition is available in each niche. Many of the well-settled players are already working in the same niche.

So can we stop thinking about making our online presence and opportunity to make money online?

The answer is absolutely NOT. Just believe in one of the very famous quotes “If there is a will there’s a way”.

That`s what we are going to discuss in this article. The way is to start with a micro-niche and find long-tail keywords for micro-niche.

In the initial days, you have to be very careful about your investment. This applies only to small-budget entrants.

Many lucrative scammers start chasing you for the sole purpose of their own business growth and that is not going to help.

There are many marketers who track domain registration and start following with registrant.

Patience is a key to become successful and definitely without any doubt it is going to take time to get successful and need to have your own solid strategy with a clear goal in mind.

Long Tail Keyword Generator Strategy

Intelligent Keyword research is key before the start of your project. One good keyword research will lead you to have a related and relevant domain name.

It is a matter of one keyword. It has the capability to make you rich. Believe me, it is almost half battle won with solid keyword research.

Let us come to the main topic of free keyword generator tools. We do have many paid services for keyword research tools if you can afford them. But at the initial stage, not all have the budget to exercise those options.

Also to mention that the failure rate is too high as it has been observed that people lose their focus and they do not even have patient.

It is also evident people get distracted with other stuff that comes in their way and they shift their momentum towards new catchy items.

So first of all stay focused and have patience and DO NOT invest heavily. You must have the capability to easily digest any failures.

So we recommend going ahead with free long tail keyword generator tools in your initial journey and you always have a chance to scale anything.

So let us review what the best options available which you can use are in your initial journey of online presence in any form of any type of online presence including blog, website, YouTube Channel, or even affiliate website.

Five best free long-tail keyword generator tools

1.Keywords Generator Google Chrome Extension

You have the opportunity to generate thousands of extremely valuable keywords that no one else has an idea about. Get ready to face fierce competition over google rankings known as SERP.

Every day and the year it is getting harder and harder to get organic search traffic and being on 10 10 under SERP with limited scope as all digital marketers and SEO experts are fighting over the same keywords.

So let’s explore Keywords Generator and stay ahead in the blind SEO race.

2. Google Ads Keyword Planner

Google Ads Keyword Planner is associated with Google Ads. You may or may not have an idea of how big the Google Ads platform is. Spanned across the globe and a huge part of Google`s earning.

The equation is pretty simple if you try to understand google ads logic behind it. Webmasters are the major part of their business strategy so to support them they are providing them this as a free tool for their keyword research.

Apart from creating a marketing campaign which anyone can do for promoting any kind of business and have access to these tools for you.

Webmaster even can use this tool by selecting an expert mode and can enjoy Discover New Keywords and Get Search Volume and Forecast.

So explore these two tools from Google Ads Keyword Planner and use these tools to make your SEO journey successful.

3. Google Trends

Well as the name shows it can be used for future and current trend analysis. Any industry expert webmasters use it for their various purpose.

For instance, bloggers use it for getting the current trends and align their posts as per trends and get maximum benefits from google trend.

Do remember your target and filter the location for which country trend you want to see. By default, it is always the United States.

I think it is well enough about Google Trends. You will come to know more and more about it once you start using it.

4. ahrefs Free Keyword Generator

Well, ahrefs is very well known for their keyword analysis at a deep level and they are really good at that. But for the entrant, it might be quite challenging to have their paid subscription.

Entrants are just starting with the objective to earn online for them and that also takes time so it is really hard for them.

But they do have many free SEO tools available which include keyword generators from them. I have snap-posted below to see what services you can use free of cost.

You can explore the Keyword Generator for Google, Bing, YouTube, and Amazon as well.

5. Keyword Tool

Keyword Tool worth mentioning here only with the objective of Keyword Research. Keyword Tool will help you to do keyword research for Google, YouTube, Bing, Amazon, eBay, Play Store, Instagram, and Twitter which may boost your success if you have a good presence on the social platforms.

As a free user, you can only research keywords which is our prime objective. It will provide an option to download keywords in various formats.

Since we are focused to see options available that can be availed as free keyword generator tools to find long-tail keywords for your micro niche website.

These tools mentioned are more than enough for your keyword research. Since we are using it on free plans except google one so they must be having some limitations associated.

You can use Google Search and Google’s Related Search feature and if you add another Chrome extension named SEOquake you will be able to find search volume for your keyword that must be enough to beat the SEO challenge and stay ahead with fierce competition and will be able to start your campaign of earn money online.

As a bonus, I would like to share an absolutely free On Page SEO Checker Tool if you already have started your journey in any micro-niche.

Free On-Page SEO Checker Tool 

SEO Checker Tool will have a quick look at many on-page organic search ranking factors for example title tag and many more. This tool performs more than 25 SERP ranking factors. Fix Recommendations if any to boost the probability of higher SERP rankings.


For organic traffic, you cannot avoid Keyword Research. If you are on a low budget keyword research must be part of your strategy.

As said earlier SERP ranking takes time for competitive keywords so you always need to focus on long-tail keywords. This is going to help to kick start your journey.

You have to check all the options mentioned above and you may choose or you can use all of them. It is totally up to you as all options mentioned are free.

In the coming year if you have some earning started you may want to use paid one you always have the option to save some of your time getting investigated in keyword research using many tools instead of one paid one which will have all features in one tool.

Even though I do not recommend buying especially for new entrants before they start making money but if you want to do so they have the option of buying in a group via that you can cut some of your investment in the tool.

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