Alt Tag Checker Best Practices in 2021

Alt Tag Checker Best Practices in 2021

Alt Tag Checker Best Practices in 2021

In this article, we are going to discuss Alt Tag Checker Best Practices in 2021. So let us discuss in brief regarding Alt Tag.

What is an alt tag and how important it is for SEO in 2021

Basically, the ALT tag was originally designed to help sight-impaired visitors to “see” what an image was. With the development of Google’s Universal search, ALT tags for key images will help your site appear more often in the search results.

So it means ALT Tags are used with images in HTML to identify the image purpose. Let us understand the logic.

How Google Treats Images for SERP

Google loves high-quality images and they are getting indexed. Sometimes even you are not reflecting on SERP but images can lead you more traffic as they get indexed separately.

Please refer to Google Search Page you can easily find what all is getting indexed.  By default when we search all tab is active but if you see Images, Books, News, Videos, and even more under More Tab you can see Shopping, Flights, and Finance Tab.

So under all TAB which is used by most of the users contains everything so as images and videos as well. Thus it has a very good chance to rank tall in SERP.

So if you use images on your web pages you must need to have ALT Tag updated for images that tell google what is the image about.

This is the era of audiovisual which is the first preference for most of the users. You might have experienced it on your own. If you have any query what you do either you perform a google search or you go to YouTube and search for relevant videos.

At the time of writing this guide, the YouTube algorithm is not too much sophisticated as compared to google even both belong to Google. Those is different aspects. Day by day YouTube is also making changes in their algorithm to make it more efficient.

Do Not Upload Images without ALT Tag for better SERP Rankings & use Keyword in ALT Tag

So DO not upload any image without ALT Tag associated and try to have the keyword in ALT Tag and just keep image size minimal to avoid unnecessarily making your page heavier and have poor loading time. 

The sample is like below

<img src = “serp.jpg” width = “125” height = “60” border = “0” alt = “serp ranking top secrets”>

Again do not do keyword stuffing in ALT Tag. 

Best Free Alt Tag Checker Tool

Well, you will hardly find only Alt Tag Checker Tool. You may be aware it is part of On Page Customizations. You will find many On Page SEO Tools which will check Alt Tag also.

You can refer to Best Free On Page SEO Checker Tool which will check against more than 25 SERP Ranking factors including ALT Tag Checker.

That`s all about Alt Tag Checker Best Practices in 2021. I hope this article will clear if any confusion about ALT Tag and how it can contribute to your page stands on top of SERP.


Well it is an important tag for image indexing and it was important earlier and it will remain important. That`s the reason it is always advised to have featured images in blog posts and always advised to have catchy high-quality images for better SEO optimization.

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