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People are eagerly awaiting post-pandemic life, as evidenced by Pinterest search trends, with Gen Z taking the lead for greatest increase in search volume.

Pinterest searches among users in the Gen Z demographic are up 96% year-over-year. In particular, the company reports “skyrocketing” searches for vacations, clothes, and home renovations.

Here’s more about what Gen Z is planning for when life returns to normal. Marketers can use this data to get a head start on creating campaigns that will resonate with this demographic.

Unless otherwise noted, the data compares Q1 2021 search data to Q1 2020.

Vacation Searches – 75% Increase

Searches for vacations increased 75% from January 2021 to March 2021, accelerating three times as fast as the average increase of 24%.

Gen Z isn’t looking for any ordinary vacation, they want to travel in style once restrictions are lifted.

Pinterest reports spikes in the following related search terms:

  • Searches for “dream vacation destinations” are up 13x
  • Searches for “luxury vacation” are up 6x
  • Searches for “vacation fashion” are up 3x
  • Searches for “travel tattoos” are up 45%

Outfit Searches At All-Time High

Searches containing the word “outfit” are at an all-time high. Gen Z isn’t interested in the minimalist fashion trends of older demographics. Instead, they’re embracing maximalism with an emphasis on attention-grabbing accessories.


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Pinterest reports spikes in the following search terms:

  • Searches for “outfit” are up 26%
  • Searches for “Y2K outfit ideas” are up 230x
  • Searches for “60s and 70s fashion” are up 133x
  • Searches for “zebra pants” are up 14x
  • Searches for “plaid pleated skirt” are up 12x
  • Searches for “clay rings” are up 303x
  • Searches for “hippie jewelry” are up 16x
  • Searches for “nose chain piercing” are up 8x
  • Searches for “makeup makeover” are up 100x
  • Searches for “alt makeup” are up 60x
  • Searches for “puppy eyeliner” are up 30x

Party Searches – 64% Increase

Unsurprisingly, the youth want to party once large gatherings are permitted again.

Searches containing the word “party” have increased 64% from November ‘20 to March ‘21. From year to year searches have doubled.

Pinterest reports spikes in the following related search terms:


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  • Searches for “party life” are up 3x
  • Searches for “Euphoria party ideas” are up 43x
  • Searches for “backyard dinner party” are up 3x
  • Searches for “party food buffet” are up 10x
  • Searches for “dinner date outfits” are up 30x
  • Searches for “hotel room party” are up 8x
  • Searches for “group tattoo ideas” are up 13x

Home Renovation Searches At An All-Time High

Searches for renovations are currently at an all-time high. Seasonally, Pinterest sees spikes in renovation searches at the start of every year.

This year, however, home renovation searches in Q1 2021 were 28% greater than searches in Q1 2020, and 65% greater than searches in Q1 2019.

In addition, Pinterest reports spikes in these related search terms:


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  • Searches for “home renovation ideas” are up 5x
  • Searches for “grand millennial decor” are up 3x
  • Searches for “indie room” are up 132x
  • Searches for “sage green aesthetic” are up 32x
  • Searches for “eclectic home” are up 9x

For more insights, see Pinterest’s full report here.


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