How to Identify Site Quality for Link Building

How to Identify Site Quality for Link Building

How to evaluate a site for “quality” is one of the most misunderstood aspects of SEO for backlink building strategies. If you get this wrong, you risk leaving traffic-generating sites out of your outreach – or, even worse, include sites that will provide no value and even affect your SEO.

Rowe talked about evaluating website characteristics to determine “site quality” for link building. How to analyze possible sites and why it is significant is a topic that is rarely explored.

Because Google Penguin specifically targeted link schemes, link builders should be aware of which types of links are risky.

Key Elements For Evaluating Link Prospects

When examining websites for link building, keep the following elements in mind.

  • Written and graphic content for use in blogs, the main site, and other applications.
  • Admin: Do they advertise, and if so, what policies do they have?
  • What is the profile of the connections that connect to the site?
  • Who is responsible for the main and supporting content?
  • Is the authorship associated with a reputation?
  • Technical: How do customers find and engage with the content/website?

This framework was utilized by the PureLinq team to evaluate prospects, and it assisted a B2C e-commerce customer in increasing monthly organic traffic by 1,236 percent.

Should We Follow Google’s Advice on Links?

Google and its staff have confirmed throughout time that link schemes harm search rankings. Google gives few suggestions on the matter. Following Google’s recommendations, on the other hand, may make your link-building programs more challenging. 

For example, Google’s link scheme guidelines are ambiguous. When it comes to links, though, Google is unable to establish intent. They have no way of understanding if you went out and got a natural, high-quality link to improve the readers’ experience or if your secondary purpose is to raise the organic ranking.

Google’s algorithms, according to Mueller, can now detect and degrade guest post links, ensuring that they do not help a site rank better.

Mueller’s recent comments that links within guest posts should be nofollowed were met with skepticism by some SEO practitioners, who claimed they were too broad.

Google’s search quality raters recommendations, on the other hand, are not intended to help your link building, but they do offer you a decent indication of what Google considers to be relevant in terms of content quality.

All of this simply implies that SEO professionals shouldn’t rely just on Google’s position for all of their information. We must construct our own interpretations.

Metrics Vs Quality

Identifying metrics and quality can help you set yourself up for success when it comes to link-building.

The State of Link Development survey by Aira examines how people track and report on link-building efforts. 

These metrics include some of the top SEO tools’ proprietary. tricks.

  • The Domain Authority of Moz.

  • Domain Rating from Ahrefs.

  • Page Authority is metric developed by Moz.

  • The Trust Flow of Majestic.

  • The Authority Score of SEMrush.

  • Citation Flow by Majestic.

Link Score of Links

These measurements aren’t meant to take the place of manual research. You’ll also want lot more thorough examination of your chances.


You can also follow Google’s search quality raters rules, which include section for Overall Page Quality Rating.

This system can help you with the following tasks:

  • The content’s purpose.
  • Content depth Authentic sources

Because there aren’t many comprehensive quality indicators for link building, the PureLinq team developed their own rating system, PureGrade, to identify a site’s quality and its potential to influence organic ranking positively.

Automated footprints and a manual content check are used to calculate the score.

Key Elements to Analyse Site Before Backlinking

Again, while evaluating prospective linking partners, it’s almost mandatory to look at the following point to make it work for you is as below.

  • Content
  • Admin
  • Link Profile
  • Authorship
  • Reputation
  • Technical

As you go through this entire process, you need to make sure below as well.

  • Measure Each Element: Some aspects of the site are more important than others. But better target to analyze all aspects of the site.
  • Build a Footprint Not Just One Element: Examine multiple elements then decide if the site’s quality.

Here are the key things to consider during your assessment of prospects backlinking partner so please verify site quality before link building


  • Commercial Links: Links to money pages not tagged with nofollow or sponsor.
  • Navigation: Is it way too general for a blog?
  • No-no Keywords: Keywords related to gambling, porn, and payday loans.
  • Frequency: Posts are infrequent or old.


  • About Us: Links to money pages.
  • Admin Pages: Advertising, guest posts.
  • Info: Phone, address, email

Google claims they can algorithmically figure out these types of link buying schemes. You need to focus only on quality sites for backlinks. Avoid such websites to consider them for backlinks.

Link Profile

  • Excessive Links: Too many links pointing to one page.
  • Low Authority: Use DA or DR to figure this out.
  • Non-Relevant Links: Links don’t make sense for the page.


  • Names & Bylines: Is the byline set to admin or the site name?
  • Author Page: Is there non-existent information about the author?
  • Foreign: Is the author from your target country or not?

You need to get the website’s authors and research them to know more about their reputation.


  • Presence: Does the website have a social media presence?
  • Following: What types of accounts are following the brand?
  • Engagement: Do they have engagement?


  • Indexed: Does the website exist in Google’s index with more than the homepage?
  • Geo: What is the focus of the audience’s country?
  • Page Engagement: Does the site have ads, layout, and links within a page?


That`s all about how to identify site quality for link building strategy as it is only meant to have quality niche-based backlinks only as part of your link building strategy and no need to create backlinks only for count purpose which is not going to help in your growth and you may end up increasing Spam Score of the domain.

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