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Google is retiring the generic rich results search appearance in Search Console performance reports, as there are now individual filters for most rich result types.

To be clear, this doesn’t mean Google is getting rid of rich results reporting in Search Console. Google is removing a specific filter that combined all rich results data into one view.

Google Search Console Removes Rich Results Search Appearance

Google Search Console Removes Rich Results Search Appearance

The generic rich results search appearance is not required anymore, Google says, since many of the supported rich result type have their own breakout row.

“A few years ago we created a generic “Rich results” search appearance group that included multiple rich result types, including those that didn’t have their own breakout row on Search Console. This is not required anymore, since we now have breakouts for most rich result types, for example: Event, FAQ, HowTo, and more.”

Grouping all data for rich results was never an ideal solution, but it was the only solution available at a time when granular reporting wasn’t available.

Google Search Console now supports 19 search appearance types in performance reports. If a site is eligible for multiple rich result types, then combining all impression data into one metric is not all that useful for the site owner.


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The removal of the search appearance does not affect traffic in any way; it is only a reporting change.

Site owners are not losing any data either, as the performance report in Search Console will continue to provide data on individual rich result types in their own breakout rows.

Google will continue supporting the generic rich result search appearance until August 1. Following that date, it will no longer be available in Search Console or the API.

Source: Google Search Central


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