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Google’s Martin Splitt explains to site owners why their Page Experience report in Search Console may not be populated with data.

A question regarding lack of Page Experience data in Search Console was asked during Splitt’s live appearance on the Search Engine Journal Today show.

SEJ Founder Loren Baker tells Splitt that SEOs and site owners are concerned they’re not seeing data in Search Console, despite their site testing well for Core Web Vitals and other Page Experience factors.

What it comes down to, Splitt says, is that those sites are not generating enough field data for Google to confidently deliver a report that represents what users are experiencing.


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To be clear, lack of data is not an indication of any errors. The reason why other tools are able to generate reports is because they use lab data rather than field data.

Splitt adds that even sites that receive a fair amount of traffic may not be generating the telemetry data Google needs to issue a report.

“Not enough field data. It can be enough visitors, if these visitors are not generating telemetry data then we are still not having the telemetry data.

And even if we have some data it might not be enough for us to confidently say that this is the data we think represents the actual signal. So we might decide to actually not have a signal for that if the data source is too flaky or if the data is too noisy.

… More traffic is more likely to generate data quickly but it’s not a guarantee.”


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All site owners can do is stay patient and wait for Google to collect the field data it needs to create a report.

There’s no reason to panic. If you as an SEO or site owner have fixed everything, and the testing tools are showing that your site is in the green, then you’ve done all you can up to this point.

Any Chance of More Detailed Search Console Reports?

Another question regarding Search Console’s Page Experience report was asked later in the show, and it has to do with the level of detail in the report.

The report currently provides an aggregate rating for Core Web Vitals metrics based on a sample of pages.

Google is capable of identifying UX issues and measuring Core Web Vitals metrics on a per page basis using tools in Chrome. Is it possible for Google to add that level of reporting to Search Console?

If Google were to do that, Splitt says it may create privacy issues. There are no plans to add page-by-page reporting to Search Console at the present time.

“I guess that’s not always going to be easy, especially because we have to make sure that we are not leaking too much information because that might make things less private than you want. But I don’t know if there’s anything planned to give you more insights into that.

You can get a lot of insights into that already if you’re testing in your local dev tools. But I don’t think there’s anything planned on the roadmap for Search Console.”


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Hear the full discussion in the video below:

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